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Reeeally slow art dump in progress.

My scanner has not only started printing pictures out by itself, it has decided all my sketches would look better if they turned pink.  
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/capslock of D00M.

Hooray for low, low standards at the DMV.  Ph34r, people.

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Happy birthday to me!  Happy biiiiiiiiirth daaaaaay toooooo me!  OK, that's enough.

I am now 18.  Many people are very excited to tell me that I can now:
-Buy cigarettes
-Buy porn
-Get tattoos
-Buy bongs
-Buy lighters
-Oh yeah, vote
I sorta think this milestone birthday is a bit wasted on me.

For my exciting birthday I sat around, watched TV, and ate.  And today, I went out to dinner.  Nothing to make you feel all grown up than spend dinner with people who spend their time attempting to bet each other to yell "penis!" in public or ask our waiter embarassing questions.  (My dad and Sierra.  So mature.)  What a party.

On the upside, I thoughtfully bought myself lots of lovely birthday presents on amazon.  LOLZ.  No cigarettes, though.
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300 pageviews - ain't that speshul?

Worked at the Art Center gallery this weekend.  Let's just say that apparently talent is not particularly helpful in becoming a sucessful artist.  Random comments I wrote down from the day (I had to pretend to be busy):

Man: *comes into the gallery, stands in front of desk, stares at me* So . . . do I just look at the art now, or what? [It's an ART GALLERY!  What do you EXPECT??]

Woman (to me):  If you see someone in here frantic with a guitar in their hand, send them next door to me!

Woman (to friend): *staring at dolphin bowl*  Did you know artists put fish on things because fish don't close their eyes so they ward off the evil eye!

Creepy encounter with old artist dude (gah, I had to lead him down a corridor in the dark to where we store our art.  Ergh.):
Me: *tries to find right keys.  Fails.*
Dude:  You're cute.
Me:  Er, here's your piece.  
Dude: Are you an artist?
Me: No . . . I work next door.
Dude: You look like an artist.
Me: Uh, let me find your paperwork.  
Dude: You're not just smart, you're pretty too! [At this point he was mocking me, but it was still creepy.]

Also, two people walked into the storage closet instead of the bathroom.  LOLZ.

Art people are so weird.  But I got to sit behind an official looking desk, and touch all the breakable pieces without anyone yelling at me.  Hee.
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Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas break!  Less than a week and this whole hellish season will be over.  Personally, I have challenged myself to see how much time I can spend at my computer over break, doing absolutely nothing constructive.  So far, I am winning.

Merry wintertime holiday of choice to y'all!
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Haha, finally figured out I can post journals here!  I'm not sure why I would need to, but whatever.  It's like LJ with pictures, which I'm sure makes it infinitely better.

Anyway, I got 100 page views, which is special or something.  I'M FAMOUS ZOMG!  (How many times was it Tracie and Mary checking to see what I favorited?  Most of the time, probably.)

DA is like crack.  I guess I should thank you guys for getting me addicted.  Or not.

PS - Anyone know why the "mesmerized" smiley is someone happily setting his hand on fire? Not that it isn't amusing.
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